22’s Reflection: God’s word is a valuable possession and guide to life.

22 years old Indonesia boy who loves Thailand so much. Passionate in Journalism who study engineering stuff.

Rulers persecute me without cause,
    but my heart trembles at your word.
 I rejoice in your promise
    like one who finds great spoil.
 Great peace have those who love your law,
    and nothing can make them stumble.
 I wait for your salvation, Lord,
    and I follow your commands.
 I obey your statutes,
    for I love them greatly.
 I obey your precepts and your statutes,
    for all my ways are known to you.


       Today, I turn 22. It is a 22 years waiting, the day the same as the day I was born. It was Sunday. A very blessed day, I have my family love me so much. For 22 years, I get a lot of blessing. Still can’t forget as He gave me a chance to study in Soposurung, as I firstly jump in to a free prison.

       I started to know the world and develop so much. It was the first time I met a lot of great people and the time I was given a chance to a full access of good facilities for education. In addition, I was accidentally sent to Surabaya for studying in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, where I have no idea about it.

     He still blessed me and fill me with a lot of joy from great friends from christian community. He leads me to the right way and I really thankfull for introducing into a big mission of serving.

        Moreover, He sent me for an exchange in Chulalongkorn and learnt alot  about myself and the real life. I’ve experienced a very wild and strange city where I have to fight myself for being turned from Him.

      It is even much better when He gave me the second chance to learn a lot about Thailand and send me numbers of new friends. They are carefull, great, inspiring, and very kind. I just feel like have a new family.

        Since I have been worked for 2 years as reporter, in the next month, I will be promoted to be a editor. Its such a big dream where i can just sit in front of my laptop and learn from others experience. I will have a lot of leisure for research.

    But, the most, I am dreaming being the coordinator where I can develop this community. I am dreaming being a good leader and inspire those people so that we can serve and make a change in ITS together. I am dreaming so much.

     It is now 22 years of my life. I counted the blessing and I am thankfull for this 22 years of great experiences. nothing can describe how i am in to God as He is the one who loves me more than anything.

     I just pray that I will always be his and serve my life for Him only. sounds strange? maybe yes. But thats the reality. I love Him so much.  I want to grow more in Him and wish to have a great moment each day.

    “I believe 22 is the starting point of more blessed life rather than the age of being old”


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