Songs are lies, but music is real

“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up”
– Pablo Picasso

I remember the first time I loved art was when started to listen to music. It was on my junior high school where I firstly heard David Archuleta singing Crush. I just love the melody and the way he sing it. I heard it from MTV or radio, where nowadays we could find it barely.

Since that day, I started to sing and make noises. I don’t really care how bad my voice is but, I am pretty sure I do it for the sake of happiness. I just like to shout my voice and express my feeling. It is pretty much that mostly singer write songs based on their feeling. its their expression.

Music is the same, but music is much more sustain since it did not affected by time. I love to hear piano music. It such a relief for my hassle days.

Nowadays, I learn to play guitar. Its just because I think that I need music to activate my creativity and to balance my brain. It’s gonna be very challenging for me.


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