The Best From The Last

It’s been four times for me joining Chirstmas celebration from Perkantas Surabaya. Since the first day I arrived in Surabaya, it was a bless for me where God introduce me with good command people on christian’s life. I was placed in a well-growing community and i experienced life with Jesus.

Every year we celebrate christmas. It is a pleasure for me that every year I served in many thing. Especially this year, I was asked to serve as an usher where I responsible to welcome all the  guests and set them to their chair.  It was also a great moment that I was trusted to collect the offering and the commitment paper.

However, this year I know new friends that just coming to Surabaya and enjoying new community. He was Jordan and Shendy. They are freshman student study in Management at Universitas Surabaya (UBAYA), and of course they join PMK Smirna. It is the christian student community name for student from UBAYA.

They are funny, open minded, and easy to talk. I hope that they enjoy their life in Surabaya, and they grow well in the comunity. Anyway, In this last christmas, I hope that my life would be better.

I want that next year, I wont be celebrating christmas in Surabaya anymore, but celebrating christmas with new friends in UK or USA. Yes, I wish to study master degree in that countries.

I also have several pictures with two girls who are recently close to me as we were serving together in a national camp. They are Kak Meliana and Kak Hernawati. I wish that this year would be the best for us, as I hope ths year, Kak Meli would be graduated and Kak Herna would enjoy her first year in Surabaya.

For this christmas moment, I  reminded there still a lot of people who havent have acces to the scripture yet. Therefore,  pray that I will have a chance to share the word by mouth or by text to all of my friends all over the world. It’s like a big reminder for me that it is our responsibility as the believer to share what we believe in and to show how we love other people in Jesus.

This christmas, gave me all. Reminder, joy, new friend, new hope, and new commitment. I believe this is the best christmas ever.

Here is the pictures we took together


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