Who Measure The Life, A farewell letter for my friend, Niko Andreas Sihombing

I never realize what kind of life I have been living for. Move from one place to another place, knowing new people and engage in new relationship. Friends are changing every time, and no body care about that. But if you realize, there will be a friend who stay in your hert at the time you know him well.
This day I may not know you well, but I put my interest on your personality. The first day I know you was the time you see me at my dormitory. Bounded by the 2 meters of gate, I used to see you seeing inside my dorm. I did not know what are you looking for. When we were going to school or were going back home, I used to see you also walking through the same way. Freely, not in a row like us. Sometimes I jealous with that, but that was the life I living for at that time.
I already forgot how we were talking for the very first time, but i still  remember the way you said you like my friend. With a bashful face, you said her name, your interest on her, or the way you tease her. It’s not a coincidence, that the girl you like is spilight, and we start to talk about her for several conversations.
The next time we were given a chance to study in the same university. I never realize this, but I believe that every single friend I know in the pieces of my life, were given to me to know and engage in a relationship. That is why I started to believe that you are intended to be one of my best friend.
The university life, makes us more familiar. Engaged in organization, church, and friendship makes me know your personally. Your kindness, easy to smile, open-hearted, and your funniest really made me melt. There were also many topics we were talking about. Sometimes you started to talk about a girl, sometimes financial, sometimes friends, sometimes the travel plans, sometimes the craziest life you ever experienced, or sometimes about the student organization we both  hate.

One day, I asked you to join the community I was engaged, but you kindly rejected it. I knew it was not because you did not like it, it just because you did not wanted to be called as a religious person. Actually, I do not like it either. But, I enjoy the relationship there. I know you are a kind person and I see it in your smile.

Sometimes, you post many pictures on your facebook. Some of them showing you  were using dark red jacket with  shoot logos. You showed your pride on teaching less fortunate children in rural areas. I love your spirit teaching them, and I proud of it. Inside my heart, I wanna join that community because I like the loving children faces. But, my business are too much even I have limited time for my ownself and it makes me couldn’t join that community.

We both like to travel, and you do it better than me. You visit more places, but trust me, you do not going further than me.  If you remember the trip we were going  Semarang and Jogja, the first time we were engage in a trip, you sounds like crazy person. I can’t believe that you adapted very well with us. Since we are crazy people, but you engage very well. Even you seems enjoyed sleeping on the public area.  Even , the next trip to Malang and Madura, you did it very well.

Today I was looking at the memories on my picture gallery. Seeing you smile and crazy, it is the greatest gift that I given a chance to have a friend like you. I can not say that I know you very well but, it is quiet enough for me to know some side of your life. I know you as a kind person, that is why I choose you becoming my interviewees for my first gazette project.

Yesterday, my internet data was on trouble, and I got off from the internet. I really enjoyed the leasure. Taking personal time for watching, reading, studying and have a totally nice sleep really relaxed myself. When I was woke up, I try the wifi and got courious on the message come on my phone.

Some people post obituary in several groups. I was shocked when I read your name. I couldn’t believe that I found your name there. It was a very late news, and so sad to know you are already passed away. As I remember you were healthy and it was hard to believe that news. It might be sounds strange but who measure the life. That was the only word coming on my mind.

I just took a deep breath, stay on my room, and felt on a deep condolence. It so sad for me that I cannot see you by the time of your last breath. Remembering what I was doing at the time you fight for your life, I can’t belive myself.

It was so sad knowing that I cannot pray for your life anymore. If I were in Surabaya today, I will be there to see you. But, separated thousand miles away makes me can do nothing.

I also remember the day I will depart to Bangkok. From your Balcony, you teased me by calling me as Thailand guy with annoying faces and you reminded me to bring you a Thailand girl. I just smiled at the time and couldn’t talk too much because I was so hurry. But today,  I have to remember that it would be the last day I hear your voice.

I can only bring you to my memories now. When I will going back home to Surabaya, I will not found you anymore. I am so sad to know that and I really can’t hold my tears. A simple prayer just coming on my mouth praying God set the best place for you.

I believe in God, that you will fine there. You given a chance to live a new life now. Don’t worry, I believe you will find your girl there. Do travel everywhere and visit more places. You have a freedom now. I thank God for coming to my life. You figure many places on my memories. Now, it is my time to live better I this world. Today, you remind me that no one able to measure the live.  The death may come anytime and no one can stop it. You also remind me to live the life what I was born for. What I  believe now that stay in God’s linewill help me facing the worst.


Have a nice day friend. You now born in another world and may you be fine there. Enjoy your time until me meet again. See you soon,


From your friend, with deep condolence
Wednesday, February 10, 2016
Chuen Apartment, Bangkok


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