This is my first day in 2017. I was thankfull that I started this year with a big lucky. It was an immediate decision that I choosed to join the new year barbeque party in our pastor’s house. we have a big party after the new year worship.

       It was a cold night in Surabaya and I was not wearing any jacket. I just simply joined the party without changing my clothes first. I was wearing my blue Under Armour T-Shirt combined with my dark-green trousers. It was just my common appearance. HaHaHaHa..

      We arrived in the Pastor’s House around 10 PM and started the bbq. We had around 5 kilograms pork and 5 tilapia fishes. It was awesome that the Pastor provided all the ingredients too.

     It has becoming Batakneese culture that every girl should know how to cook. that is why, last night all the girls are gather in the kitchen while the other boys were preparing for the ember. I choose to help the girls to slices the pork into slices. It should be around 2 cm thick and maybe around 30 cm areas.

      Another girls then prepared the inredients. They made the chili sauce for the pork and fish. Of course they could not forget about the lime and the citrus to be added to make it awesome.

     After the ember is ready, we started to grill the pork and continued with the tilapia. It took around 3 hours to grill them all. however, we just spent aroud 20 minutes to finish them all. sounds crazy huh??  hahahhaahha

    Yes, it is common that student who live far from home will be more aggressive eating free food. hahahahah.

      Another blessing was that I was lucky to get the new year present from the pastor. He asked each us to pick one toothpick and luckily, mine had writing in it. It just only two toothpickes that has writing which was one for boy and one for girl, and ya, I got one.

    I was happy that the pastor asked me to pick my present in the christmas tree. It was hint behind a big circular yellow card. actually it was a white envelope. Then, I just siply opened it and found money inside. I was very happy to have it.

      That early morning, we had a lot of happiness and we spent the time with a cup full of beer in our hand. It was my first drinking beer and I put some ice to make it cooler. My friend just shocked that I drank two glasses without getting drunk. However, there was nobody dare to drink more than one. so, they just said ‘from which year did you come?,’ ‘i thougt you could not able to do that,’ and some said ‘wow, how you are too fast,’.

    I myself also could not believe that I could do that. however I just enjoyed it. I ended the party at 3 AM and simply went to bed after arrived at my room.

      Anyway, from that day, I learned that I only need to be myself. In the year 2016, I have too many reason not to do some particular thing. But now, I realized that, to engage with society, I just need to speak my thought, to combine my ideas, to learn other people and enjoy every second of conversation. Of course BBQ and Beer will always be the best way to have it.


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