Finding Satisfaction

“You will never be satisfied, except..”

Recently I and my internship partner were discussing about continuing study after finishing our bachelor degree. However I havent feel anything interesting about it this time. Eventhough I have been dreaming to study master in the state, but recently, I feel like  I lost that dream. I just have no more feeling about it.

Last week I know that my friend will continue their study abroad soon. some will  go to France, some to spain, some are currently in Turkey, and some are still pursuing their dream to study abroad. Eventhough I have been visiting Thailand twice, I just feel like I am not as lucky as them.

I really wanna  go far away from my hometown to a place where i can totally meet the ultimate new people. I never satisfied for what I have been achieve.

It is not like something that should be happened to me. This morning, from my morning devotion, I read about the Samaritan Girl who meet Jesus at Jacob’s well. I reflec to my life that I am kind of need water very much.  Once a day, I have to drink more than 2 liters water. if not, I will get sprue on my mouth. Means that I have to drink water every day.

Similiar to the story of samaritan girl, she needed the water that can satisfy her so that she would not ever be thirsty anymore.  She asked to Jesus and Jesus told her about himself. Jesus is the only reason for every satisfaction.

If today, I feel like I never satisfy, I have to remind myself to count the blessing He already gave my. It is a big reminder for me that I can still dreaming, but still have to learn more and more about counting how many times God already helped me facing every challenge in my life.

He gave me success either satisfaction for everything I asked for life.


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