Indonesia and Denmark Need More Collaboration on Research To Face The Challenge of Energy

Danish is wellknown as a small country with big renewable energy goals. It is proven by its commitment to develop infrastructures in the wind energy turbin and its abilty to produce energy up to 45 percent to power the country. Today, Danish electric grid is 40 percent renewably powered and still aim to reach 100 percent of renewably energy in all sector in 2050. In addition, The Danish Goverment  also plans to reduce its domestic greenhouse gas emission by 40 percent by 2020.

In other side, Indonesia is one of the developing country that still use natural resources to produce energy such as coal and other natural gas. However, since the last decade Indonesia has tried to find renewable energy source such as developing energy source from several sector. Indonesia’s position in equator is very advantageous that Indonesia has energy source from geothermal, wind, sea wave, and sunlight.

Today, these sector has been developed by the country. However it has not been prioritized yet due to the high expense needed. To face this challenge, I believe that Indonesia could cooperate with Denmark that already been mature in developing energy source. This far The danish Energy Agency has assited Indonesia to reduce emission through several strategic programme focusing on energy planning.

Continuing this program, I believe that Indonesia and Denmark could continue the work sustainably by creating some long term program and research cooperation. Nowadays in the research plan, Indonesia put the renewable energy topic to its big ten research focus.  Renewable energy has also been developed in several universities.

Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember is known for its achievement to produce gesits, an electrical motorbike that potentially produced massively  in the near future.  There are also another electrical bus and cars produced by the researchers in this Institute.

In Sumatera Island, The University of Sumatera Utara, Insitut Teknologi Bandung, and many other universities have also develop electric car and it succeed to make prototype. Due to the lack of funding, the research in those universities is limited into making prototype for student competition.

This shows that research in electrical transportation has already been an interesting topic in university level. This potentially to be developed in the near future. For this challenge, I believe that it is important for Indonesian Universities to cooperate with Universities in Denmark to do knowledge transfer or to sign research cooperation to make a big improvement.

In addition, since Denmark has succeed in developing wind energy massively, Indonesia could create collaboration on developing research on wind energy sector. I believe Indonesia is able to succeed in this sector because Ricky Elson has borned the seed of wind energy through Lentera Angin Nusantara project.

This project open opportunities for student to conduct research regarding to the wind energy. Since Indonesia is a maritime country, Indonesia has approximately 99.000 km coastline which means Indonesia has a big potential to build wind energy from its seas. I believe that it is important fot Indonesia to support the wind energy project in Indonesia by creating opportunity to work with Danish institute.

Danish and Indonesia are also need to encourage industrial sector to support the action to create long term project supporting the development of green energy. In Indonesia, the government could work with Pembangkit Listrik Nusantara (PLN) to support both the research and the development on wind energy action. However, above all the cooperation,  it is also important for both countries to quarantee the sustainability of each cooperation.


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