What Does Working Mean For A Christian?

As a final year student, I am very fragile thingking between continuing my study to master or securing a job for my future career at least for the next five years. I was so strongly standing on my idealism that I have to continue my study to master degree right after my graduation. However, I found some difficulties on running my final project which then broke my idealism. I gave up on study and wanted to run out from my project. That is why, I started to thinking on finding a job.

The first time I apply was a management trainee from an international company. However, I dont know whether I failed or what because the company has not sent me the info yet. The next time, I wanted to apply another management trainee from another international company. However, I contacted my senior asking about management trainee.

I really did not expect his answer that he said I should bring it into my prayer first. Day by day, I still struggle on continuing finding job or not, and uncoincidently my friend invited me to join their seminar about working.

In this seminar, I was reminded, that for a christian, working is not only about taking a job and securing future. But, working is about doing mission in the real life. The mission (greek: missio) here is a mission that given by God. Mission is the thing He wanted us to do from the perspective of our profesionality.

There is a big picture about God’s mission that is captured into a big picture called God’s Universal Mission, and as a Christian, we need to see from this perspective.

Learning from Revelation 22:1-2, The Jerusalem comes from heaven to the earth which means that there, people who died would not going to heaven. But, the heaven itself that came down to the earth and replacing it. People will stay in the new earth, that is why one of christian’s responsibility is to save the earth through our job. Then go and make it green since now.

Another thing I learnt was, there is nobody can change the world. But, we can only change the culture. Since culture changes by the age, we can change culture based on our age. Another additional point was, mostly people would spent around 35 years of working before retirement. Which means, most of our life is about working. So, connecting the dots, we can change the culture around us through our Job.

Then how we can do it?

A man who can make a change is the man that has already enough with himself. He has been enough regarding his sufficiency, fulness, and self-peace. Looking at Mother Teresa’s’s action, where she spent her life caring the poorest people from the poor. It is not because she has been securing her life into richness or saving a lot of money to secure her family. But, it was because she has the heart of Christ that make her enough with her self-sufficiency, fullness, and peace.

Regarding that three points, we have to understand that being a Christian in a working space is not about how you can save yourself. not only doing a right thing for yourself and improving your faith. it’s too egoistic.

But, through our work, we have to make a change in our society. Changing our working culture into serving by living God’s life. Changing ourself is critical to help us build our braveness to shout the calling of the one who has the Mission. The missions we are going to take from our job are integral mission to secure our christiany integrity. Therefore we can see the world as God see it, treat other on God’s way, and introducing God to other.

Then, what we can do?

Working is not about money, future, and family. Because He said that, He feeds us more that birds on the sky, fullfills our needs, and secures our family. It’s just about building faith on Him and let him do the rest for us. What we need to do is only doing his mission through our job. Still confusing about what we can do through our job?

It is good to spent at least a month to join a mission event. However, a year is much better. By joining mission trip we could learn how to commiserate people in need, then learn how to make impact to them. After that, we can back to our background and continue our work. If we can make a big impact, we can share gospel through our work. The last, we can also support other missionary through our donation or other stuff we can give to help them. Remember that as a person who has been discipled, it is our responsibility to support the life of God’s servant (aka missionaries).

Let’s make conclusion.
As a christian, securing a job means that we have to choose a job based on God’s universal mission on us. Then, through that job, we can change our culture  by acting more than people can expect from us (in the right way of course). Next, through our job, we can tell the gospel. (I called this personal missionary). It is good to make a time for joinin mission to change other life. If we are too busy, let other do that for us through our donation. Easy right? Then. Go and do your Job.











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