It was not a usual meeting we had. Like years ago, we had some leisure and spent our time in the meeting table just for fun, for conversation, for meeting and discussing some ideas.

In front of timber table, we had had several experiences. We talked some issues, we made some resolutions, we met face to face, eye to eye, and talked heart to heart, and criticize one each other.

Of course, we made some mistakes that we spoke some inappropriate word to each other but we gain more intimacy. Bullying was common and even it made us happier and closer to each other. We turned it became dopamine to our brotherhood.

Today, we got the table again. Table time with the ancestor and our master. He was an inspiring person at his time became our editor.  We spent a day off and talked a lot of topics. we discussed job, working experience, real-life problems, and some love experience.

It turned out into an exhilarating experience that we continue to another table inside a restaurant.  We ate food and still discussing many problems on our head.

I realize that “table-time” is something important for us. As a journalist, our table is not only about meeting and editorial. we spent life around the table, found inspirations and surviving through some writing.

We did not only transfer education from senior to junior but we tried to transfer our life style. we tried to make a change to our junior’s life through showing our lifestyle.

We might not as an extraordinary person outside who able to gain some achievements. But we believe that changing other’s life is only by showing our life. Therefore I also believe that, table-time is one of our life-changing experience.


Everything is ended up with eating. Thanks for the treatment!!


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