Yesterday was my 23rd birthday. I was not hoping too much at that time. I just went to the office and tried to do my work effectively.

I went home after work and tried to repair the motorbike. However, I didn’t know how to do that and just simply went into the meeting about our existence at ITS as the campus journalist.

Since I was the one who did intern in the office of public relation, I lead the meeting hoping that it would be finished faster and we got the resolution faster.

Our topic was getting hotter and I didn’t get any resolution. I let the other friend took over the meeting and I couldn’t control my mind.

I felt like my head just getting stressed. I just tried to relax my mind by opening Instagram and line. However, I couldn’t stop my mind thinking about my works, responsibilities on mission, and many other.

I do remembered that that day, I didn’t spare time for devotion yet. Since there were too much people in the office, I went to sleep. I took a prayer and hardly asked God’s help to relaxing my mind and let myself sleep in peace.

I thank God that today, I woke up well and having a little bit relax mind. It was a painfull night that I couldn’t even smile.

Today, I started the day with reading ODB’s special books that telling about a christmast that fells like christmast. Referring to my birthday, I thought that, it was because on the day I got into 23, Jesus wanted to remind me that my future will surely needed Him more, and I am sure about that. I see that my future getting harder and I need Him to be by my side.


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