So, today we were going to meet Ms. Endah to discuss about our work.we planned to meet at Warunk Upnormal. However, since it was friday, the place were not open in the morning.

Then after a little discussion, she decided to bring us to World Bank office. I and my friend were very happy that we would visit Worldbank Office. It was in Bursa Efek Jakarta or Jakarta Stock Exchange. We got our office at Tower 1 at floor 8 and 9 (if i were not wrong).

But since there was an accident several days ago, unexpectedly, the office is closed for around 2 months. So to the next 6 week, we couldnt enter the office.

The security didnt let us enter the room and we just used the small room named STC Room next to security desk. And even after 15 minutes, the security asked us to leave. It was so bad and good at the same time.

I was so happy to see the WB logo behind the security in the security desk. Therefore i took a photo there. And hoping that i would work there someday as a legal staff.


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