So, literally the thing i want to write now is just nothing and we used to call it ‘receh’ that means worthless. Since I got my money in crisis, i tried to reduce my outcome.

So this morning i just ate two of my bananas for breakfast and i brought a bottle of coffee that i brewed at home. Near to lunch time, Pak Made, offered us to have lunch together and he said we would have meatball.

He forbid us to have lunch because yesterday he promised to treat us luch but he didnt because he was too busy with meeting. Then today he ensure that he could treat us meatball.

Unexpectedly, he gave us Hokben. He said that we should share a box of Hokben and he wanted us to be quite romantic. So prankish.

By the time we wanted to share the lunch box, he added one more box to us. Hmmm. With his naughty smile, he gave additional box to me. So now we got our lunch box one for each other.

It is very lucky that i dont have to spent money for today because of that lunch and i still have bananas for dinner.

Even, in the afternoon, we got our meatball. So tasty because it was original packed from Bakso Lapangan Tembak Senayan. Hmm. I still can figure the taste of the soup, the smoothenees of the meatball and the chilli of course.

So, this is my first day at Jakarta not to spend any money and I am successfully got my Zero Day today.


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