In the past, I never imagine that I will work in the World Bank. However, the opportunity came and it called me to join the group. Experiencing working with the bank had opened my mind about the world and its challenges. It was an amazing experience and I really challenge all of you to start thingking to build a career in World Bank, the world’s leading international development organizations.

In World Bank, you can have a real impact on poverty alleviation. By working in several projects, you can fight poverty in all of its dimension since ending poverty is in the core of the World Bank’s work.

Working with World Bank, means that you will work closely with governments to develop policies that can improve the lives of poor people, and access social infrastructure services and good jobs. You will have access to connect with government, NGOs, civil society groups, and important person in the region you working at.

People at the World Bank are experts. Therefore, you will always work with a truly diverse group of people that have a lot of experience. You will never ever bored to have a discussion with them.

As an institution, World Bank believes that seeing things from different perspective is an important skill. Its commitment to understand the work style, values, and communications approaches the people it interract with, allows it to build that skill.

World Bank also embrace diversity and look for ways to become more inclusive because the diversity has the potential to yield a greater work productivity. The Bank believes that in a synergistic work, the sums is greater than the parts. Therefore, you will also build the teamwork skill.

Last, the people at World Bank came from the best educational institution. Most of them are the top students and have a good reputation during their study. If you looking for a ggod school to attend after working, connects with experts at world bank will help you a lot since you can ask for recommendation to support your application document.

There are still abundance advantages you can gain in World Bank. To find more about working with World Bank, go directly to the website and explore yourself.


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