The Law of Seeding and Harvesting

Recently I have been so tired about doing current job and applying another better job. I also busy with a lot of stuff and things i want to accomplish. However, i found a big hole where i dont know what is my purpose of doing these things. Today on sunday service at Jakarta Praise Community Church (JPCC), Pastor Leo Bigger from ICF Zurich sent a … Continue reading The Law of Seeding and Harvesting

The Perks of Being World Bank Consultant – visiting office

So, today we were going to meet Ms. Endah to discuss about our work.we planned to meet at Warunk Upnormal. However, since it was friday, the place were not open in the morning. Then after a little discussion, she decided to bring us to World Bank office. I and my friend were very happy that we would visit Worldbank Office. It was in Bursa Efek … Continue reading The Perks of Being World Bank Consultant – visiting office

When It Doesn’t Feel Like Birthday

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday. I was not hoping too much at that time. I just went to the office and tried to do my work effectively. I went home after work and tried to repair the motorbike. However, I didn’t know how to do that and just simply went into the meeting about our existence at ITS as the campus journalist. Since I was … Continue reading When It Doesn’t Feel Like Birthday

Menjadi Murid Serupa Kristus

“Apasih pemuridan itu?” “Kenapa pemuridan itu pentin?” “Apa bedanya pemuridan dengan kelompok pemuda di gereja?” Beberapa pertanyaan itu sering dilontarkan teman teman ku. Mereka sepertinya belum paham betul apa dan bagaimana konsep pemuridan yang benar. Sebagai salah satu mahasiswa teknik di ITS, saya harus mengikuti konsep pemuridan yang diwajibkan bagi semua mahasiswa baru di ITS. Kala itu, pemuridan yang dimaksud adalah pembimbingan mahasiswa baru dalam … Continue reading Menjadi Murid Serupa Kristus