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Menggenggam Angin Rindu

Baru siang tadi┬ápikiranku melayang padanya. Ia kembali merajalela dipikiranku. Tapi aku tau ini tidak mungkin diteruskan. Semesta tak mendukung. Baru saja aku tiba di kantor. Ku buka dokumen tugas untuk mengejar deadline yang sudah di depan mata. Besok satu tugas sudah harus selesai. Dikumpul sebelum jam 4 petang. Terdengar menakutkan, tapi aku gubris rasa takutku dan berencana tak tidur malam ini. Aku berusaha, menepis semua … Continue reading Menggenggam Angin Rindu

Why you should work at the World Bank?

In the past, I never imagine that I will work in the World Bank. However, the opportunity came and it called me to join the group. Experiencing working with the bank had opened my mind about the world and its challenges. It was an amazing experience and I really challenge all of you to start thingking to build a career in World Bank, the world’s … Continue reading Why you should work at the World Bank?

The Law of Seeding and Harvesting

Recently I have been so tired about doing current job and applying another better job. I also busy with a lot of stuff and things i want to accomplish. However, i found a big hole where i dont know what is my purpose of doing these things. Today on sunday service at Jakarta Praise Community Church (JPCC), Pastor Leo Bigger from ICF Zurich sent a … Continue reading The Law of Seeding and Harvesting

The Perks of Being World Bank Consultant – visiting office

So, today we were going to meet Ms. Endah to discuss about our work.we planned to meet at Warunk Upnormal. However, since it was friday, the place were not open in the morning. Then after a little discussion, she decided to bring us to World Bank office. I and my friend were very happy that we would visit Worldbank Office. It was in Bursa Efek … Continue reading The Perks of Being World Bank Consultant – visiting office